Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have a problem.  The problem is that when I go to buy shampoo and conditioner I get 2 shampoos.  Honestly, I do this more often than not.  It drives me crazy.  I KNOW that I do this so I make a conscious decision to buy 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner.  I don't know how both turn into shampoo from the time I pick it up off the shelf to when I put it in my hair.  It is especially bad when I am just buying conditioner.  85% of the time I grab a shampoo. So dumb.


Tracy said...

ha ha ha ha... I love you, you are so funny. I think the reason this is extra funny to me is because I have totally done this before. Not as often as you do.... but it has happened before.

Stefani said...

Lol I do this with Crushed Pineapple. I always end up getting pineapple rings even when I make a conscious effort to look at it when I'm taking it off the shelf.

Natalie said...

mavis, mavis, mavissssssssssss