Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A few months ago I saw these really cute headbands in a store but they were a ridiculous price. Like I was going to pay for something that was so easy to make! pah-lease. Well, after several failed attempts... I finally got it! They are so fun to make. They are wired. That is how they hold their shape and they stay on your head oh so well!
I love copying creative people!

Monday, October 4, 2010

typewriter+sewing machine=really great cards

Lately I have been getting into vintage things. Old books, old desks, old stamp collections, old frames, old lamps. I spend a lot of time at DI and Savers. Yard sales have become my best friends. My apartment is slowly filling with all these beautiful old things that I LOVE which I will most likely regret buying one day.
One thing I love is taking old things and creating fun usable things. The latest and greatest are these cards...

(My typewriter which I took from my attic. It was my moms. She got it for a high school graduation present. Love it!!)

(My sewing machine which I got from a yard sale. It works!)

***My roommate and I are probably going start a vintage business and one of the things we will be selling are these cards. Let me know if you are interested!