Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Owl Apron

Recently I decided I wanted to spice up my boring old apron. I didn't have a lot of time or money so I took some scraps I already had around and downloaded this free pattern.
For the bigger owl I increased the "adult" owl's size by 150% and kept the "adolescent" owl the same.
After I cut out all the pieces I used iron on transfer put it all together. It has to be done in layers so just make sure you do it in the right order. I put the wings down first then the body and the stomach, then the rings around the eyes and finished by hot gluing buttons on for the eyes.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's all glass...

Two funny stories: 
1. If you know me you know I'm a total pack-rat.  I'm convinced that someday I'll be on the show Hoarders, Buried Alive. My friend Tristan is an extreme minimalist (click HERE to read more about that journey) he tries to convince me all the time to get rid of stuff that I don't need.  I took his advice and went through all of my stuff and got rid of a TON of stuff.  I was talking to him later and told him how I got rid of a lot of stuff I didn't need. He was so proud until he found out I started collecting glass bottles...FAIL at being a minimalist.

2. This one has to do with the title of the post.  Growing up my family loved going to yard sales.  To this day if I see a yard sale sign or pass one something inside me says, "Stop... you never know if you are going to find __________ (insert some random item)."  
The code word in my family for a bad yard sale is, "It's all glass."  This phrase expanded to all bad yard sales, even if there is nothing glass there.  My father coined that phrase because who would ever want to stop at a yard sale with a bunch of glass.  Well father, the "all glass" yard sales are now my favorite.