Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh they say when you marry in June...

Apparently June is the month to get married.  I did flowers for 5 weddings in the last month not to mention a billion other things.  June, I'm glad you are over.

June 9th - First 10k and Wedding Flowers

 I have to say I am really proud of myself for running in the Utah Valley 10k.  I'm not athletic by any stretch of the imagination.  I got talked into running in this race.  I'm so glad I did.  I wasn't running to break any records but I ran the whole time and didn't drop dead at the end.  Success.
In this wedding I used lavender roses, lavender football mums, and spray painted daisy mums. Floral spray paint is the best thing ever invented. 

June 16th - 2 Weddings.  Never doing that again.

There were so many flowers in my apartment that night.  I lined all the arrangements up on the railing to be out of the way.  The arrangements on the left are garden roses and they smelled heavenly.  I loved this wedding.
Her bouquet was tulips, daisy mums, stock, football mums, roses, and anemones.  I'm so glad she picked anemones.  They are so beautiful.
 We just did simple baby's breath arrangements.
I was an honored guest at this Engagement Party. Angela got us ao dias from Vietnam.  It was a beautiful and delicious celebration.

June 17th - Flew to Texas to visit Natalie 

(aka Mavis, aka Best Sister Ever)
 At the Dallas Zoo (everyone is thrilled to be there)
 The cutest fattest baby on earth
 Insert your own caption
 Ollie eating sand/Natalie eating sand (like mother like son)
 Ethan's awesome bird costume from Science School
 Lego airport
 On the plane to Grandma Utah's house!

June 28th - Family at the Temple

Bryant went through the temple for the first time in preparation for his mission to Nicaragua.  It was really great to be in the temple with all of my family (except Jay who is 10).  I love this family. 

June 30th - Wedding Flowers

Natalie's sister-in-law and a good friend's wedding.  My favorite arrangements I've done so far.

July 5th - More Flowers

One of my friends and old roommates got married.  I did her flowers and was a bridesmaid. (1 of 14 bridesmaids).  I failed at taking pictures of flowers at this wedding.
(Picture from Kate Osborne Photography)

Sorry about this being the never ending post but June needed to be documented.