Monday, March 26, 2012

mouse, Mouse, MOUSE

We had another mouse in our apt this week.  I pretty much went into hysterics whenever I saw it. Screaming, jumping, and running around.  I HATE mice. HATE.  I can do spiders and bugs all you want but not mice.  yuck.  
I set a bunch of homemade booby traps.  You know the kind with a box propped up by a stick with a string.  My logic was sound.  Well, it didn't work.  Then my friend told me to put peanut butter on the end of a vacuum hose and when it comes to eat it you just turn on the vacuum.  Sucks it right up.  That didn't work either. I spent hours trying to catch this stupid mouse.
Finally, we put out sticky traps and a few very long days later we caught it.  The problem with sticky traps is that they aren't dead.  
I came home from work and saw that it was in the trap, but it was ward temple night so I only had a few minutes to get dressed and leave.  I didn't want the mouse to get away while I was gone (it was only stuck from the waste down) so I decided to put a bucket over it and take care it when I got home (meaning have some boys come over and take care of it).  The trap was up on the counter and against the wall so I had to move it out away from the wall to get the bucket over it.  I got a long shishkabob stick and started moving the trap out... 
Well, the mouse freaked out!!!!  It flipped the unstuck part of its body up over the top of the trap,  looked me in the eye, and started screaming bloody murder.  Then I freaked out and started screaming bloody murder.  I dropped everything and ran onto the balcony.  Luckily I still had my phone.  I started texting every boy I knew to come get the mouse.  I finally got someone.  
While I'm waiting for him to come over I can hear the mouse dragging itself and the trap across the counter.  I then hear it fall off the counter and start dragging itself across the floor. I can just imagine it doing some creepy mouse army crawl with his beady little eyes popping out.  Freakin' mouse.  I ran out of my house and waited on the street.  My friend came over, went upstairs to the kitchen bagged the mouse and stepped on it. 
Mouse, no longer a problem.

As I am writing this I can hear something rustling over by the stove.  I'm going to freak out.  I'm a paranoid wreck.


Stephen said...

Bahahaha! Mel, this is the best story ever. wow.

Stefani said...

You need to call your mom. Didn't you know she is the queen mouse hunter? She killed a mouse in our house after MY mom "screamed bloody murder".

Or get the inhumane snapping traps. This is what I use (so sue me) and it kills them dead every time.

Tracy Mills said...

ha ha ha ha. I love your stories. You are too funny. Mice are totally creepy though. I think it is the thought of them crawling around your apartment, seeing their nasty tail in the corner of your eye.... knowing they are probably peeing everywhere and getting into your food and eating away and who knows... they may even have rabies! Glad it is gone.

Jonathon said...

I have always wondered what the point of the glue traps are. You can't get the mouse off, so you are going to kill it anyway...or let it starve to death. Either way the snap trap seems more humane. The mouse is dead before it knows what hit him. Plus, they get to die happy because they just found some delicious peanut butter.

Unknown said...

Reading the part where you "can do spiders and bugs" brought me back to our days in Pest Management and all the screaming we did with our bug collection! :) glad you got rid of the mouse, those are nasty creepy little suckers.