Friday, December 3, 2010

The Life of a Plant Waterer

So as many of you know I water plants for my job. I love/hate it. One of the funny things that happens on a daily basis are the comments that people make to me. I thought I would share a few:
1. "WOW! I didnt realize that plant was real!!"
- Oh, its not this is just fake water.
- Are you kidding me!!!! I have walked past your desk and watered this exact same plant every week for the last 3 years!!!
2. "Want to come to my house next and take care of my plants"
-Awkward laugh...sure
-What?! creepy!
3. Then there is a whole category of comments referring to me pouring water people...on co-workers...computers... filling up their cups, mugs or water bottles...
-Again awkward laughter. I usually cant even come up with words to say back to them.
- If you only knew how much I really want to pour this on your head/computer/co-worker...
4. And then there are the concerned comments..."How is my plant this week?" or "It's looking a little sad this week." or "Is it dying?" or "I think it might need more water"
-Oh it looks just great. (forced smile) I'll do what I can and we'll see how it looks next week.
-Look, I really only know how to do one thing in this life really well and that is water plants. This plant has looked the same for 2 years, it looked the same last week and it will look the same next week. Why would you think it's terminal or dehydrated!?
5. People who ask me if I talk to/name the plants or tell me that they do.
- Awkward laugh...sure do. Now make sure you only say nice words to this plant or it may die.
-Yeah, I've named all the hundreds of plants I water and (out loud) make sure to personally greet them ever time, tell them how great they look, reassure them I'll take good care of them, then bid them a fond farewell. NOT!

For the most part I dont mind my job and it makes me laugh when people make comments about the plants. I think I'll have to do another post someday about the questions they have about their plants at home and how they try to describe them to me.


alyx said...

too true. whenever people say anything to us it's usually just really awkward.

Stefani said...

That is so funny. It reminds me of when I measured peoples offices/cubicles for a job. I got all sorts of random questions and comments. I shoulda written them down. I'm glad you did and I can't wait for the next post about said individual's house plants.

Natalie said...

this is so funny, meldy...people are so awkward!!!

Lindseys said...

This post cracked me up. I imagine most of the people thought the were being original/clever with their comments.


Michelle Hayes said...

Oh my! This is quite the post.. I love it!