Saturday, July 10, 2010

To Pleat or Not to Pleat

There are two kinds of people in this world...Those who like/wear pleated pants and those don't. I am one of the latter, my brother Darrell, is one of the former.
Darrell insists on bringing someone shopping with him, this task usually falls to me because everyone else he has taken in the past refuses to go with him again. I am his sister so I feel obligated but today was the last. I will never go shopping with Darrell ever again. Mark my words.
Let me explain, Darrell is the biggest tightwad in the world, but only about certain things. It is the strangest thing. He will spend $100 on a pair of sunglasses without blinking an eye but refuses to spend over $20 on nice dress pants! To me this makes no sense. And this is not an isolated incident. It seems like every time I go shopping with him we spend hours and hours at the mall looking for well fitting, cheap cloths that don't exist. I usually end up mad and super frustrated. Today was no exception. After trying on several really nice looking pants he insists on buying the most atrocious pair of pleated pants I have ever seen! That was the last straw. I have shopped my last with Darrell. I leave the task to some other poor fool. Pray it is not you.


Stefani said...

Ughhhh, Brad is one of the former and I'm one of the latter. When I go shopping with him I won't even let him take the pleated ones in the dressing room. When he goes alone (and buys a pair) he tells me that's all the store had so they must be making a comeback. I continue to wonder which store he could possibly be talking about.

Janet said...

Hahaha... Thanks for the laugh!

Darrell said...

This blog post is slander on my name. And I feel like my tightwodness was overexaggerated.

Martha said...

darrell is the biggest tight wad. and i tried to tell him that he would look like a junior high math teacher, but he would not listen. it's his own fault.

Kristen said...

Dear Darrell,

I like pleats too (maybe I'm out of it)

Love, Kris

Natalie said...

Dar and Mavis
you are silly
Pants look better without pleats but I still love Darrell

its hip to be a square

Darrell said...

You say tomato, I say tomato.
Let's bury the hatchet. Metaphorically speaking.

The Shark said...

Darrell: It's not slander, it's libel.

Melodie: I agree 100%. I confess that my suit pants are pleated but when I wear them with a vest and/or jacket, like I always do when wearing them, you don't notice the pleats. But I am one of the victims of Darrell's insane shopping attempts and I will never do it again. We spent 3 hours trying to find him a decent pair of jeans once and when we finally found a pair he ended up taking it back the next day.