Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's the BUZZZZZZ

Many of you may know my dad, if you do you know he has a collection of hobbies including: car fixing (which is practically a full time job at the rate I destroy cars), house building... gutting.... and re-building, rock hunting, telescopes, cement work, plumbing, electronic things, gardening etc.... I honestly believe there is nothing my dad cant do.
One of my dads latest and greatest hobbies is bee keeping. Who knows what inspired this. We do not questions the working of my fathers brain.
Darrell and I happened to come home the day they got the new bees. The bees come in ventilated crates separate from the hives. It is the task of some lucky person to open the crate full of irritated bees, extract the queen, then dump the bees into their new hive...Me in the bee suit

Mom in the bee suit.


Stefani said...

I couldn't stop smiling reading about the new hobby. LOL! I LOVE it! Your dad is the COMPLETE best! And ya, good call, I wouldn't question the way his mind works either.

Martha said...

I was SO hoping for that one of Bryant running away screaming. HAHA!

Jessica said...

Seriously? haha. i love your family!

Tristan said...

So cool!