Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Day I Will Not Soon Forget

Yesterday my friend text me asking me if I wanted to go to a Renaissance and Fantasy Festival.  No Brainer!  We made the trek to Ogden and man was it worth it!  It was amazing what a minority we were in normal cloths.  I wont make that mistake again next year.  
Unfortunately, we had just missed the jousting when we got there.  Very disappointing.  Again, wont make that mistake again next year.

One of my requirements was a leg of something.  Of course they had giant deep-fried turkey legs. mmmm...
Gotta love the manbrella.

This guy... I'm not sure he wasn't Captain Jack Sparrow.  He was the real deal.  He walked and spoke EXACTLY like him.  It took so long to organize this picture cause he kept wandering around and weaving in between us.  
Turns out there is a Pirate Festival in the fall.  I will be there...dressed like a pirate.

The lady in this shop was out of control.  She kept saying the most outlandish things in a french accent. At least I think it was supposed to be a french accent.  The boys bought those shirts.

Hanging out with the royalty.  Another manbrella.  People would stop in the road and bow and say, "Your Majesty."

Otis the Tortoise.  Best. Pet. Ever 

The most unexpected/coolest thing I found there was this time turner.  Seriously though,  it is straight out of Harry Potter.  I can now go back in time.

After all the excitement of the Ren Fest we went back to my friends house and made this thing out of a Pringles can.  There is a solar eclipse in Utah today.  Somehow this helps you look at it with out burning your eyes out.

After the that project was over we went and looked at the sidewalk chalk art on main street in Bountiful.  There were some amazing works of art.

 To finish off the amazing day... Yoda.  As we were walking around looking at the chalk art we spotted at Yoda peering at us from an empty dark shop. Creepy.  Yes, he is holding a baby.  Double Creepy.

A day I will not soon forget.


Tracy said...

Wow... this looks epic.

Stefani said...

Epic is the right term...
Fun and epic ;)

Darrell said...

That rocks!

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