Monday, December 26, 2011

Saddest Songs in the World

This is a conversation between me and my co-worker.  I've never laughed or cried so much. Enjoy!
Co-worker: few songs are better than Faith Hill's Where are you Christmas
  don't come in my office.....
  I might be crying
 me: hahahahaha
  amen to that
  i'm getting choked up just thinking about it
 Co-worker: :D
me: this one kills me too
k hate when i comes on cause i know i'm going to cry
 Co-worker: oh yeah. Natalie (wife) loves that one
 me: killer
 Co-worker: reminds me of this song
me: tears
 Co-worker: have you heard that one before?
me: no
  its killing me
  i'm listening to it again
 Co-worker: did you see the whole thing
  yes, please do
me: yeah, the gun picture was a little weird/morbid
 Co-worker: yeah
  I had never seen the video. just heard the song plenty
me: who writes these songs..they are so sad
 Co-worker: seriously
  well sad
  but then warm and fuzzy
  she knew Him. he was behind the couch with her
tough song to get through without feeling the pull in your swallow instinct
  or whatever I'm saying
 me: agreed
 Co-worker: any more sad songs?
me: let me see...
  oh i got one
 Co-worker: ah yes, one of my dad's favorites

i dont think this list is accurate

Co-worker: even better
#13 is "Naked as we come"
  that's a sad song?
  yeah, that list is worthless
 me: #1 - booo. didnt even think about crying
i like how it has the songs broken down
  "the breakdown"
"the waterworks"
"casualty count"

me: ok this is seriously the saddest song in the whole world:

Co-worker: great, now I have to close my door again
  tear stains on my cheeks
 me: haha
 Co-worker: the saddest part is the boy's name is Jamie
 Co-worker: this song is making me laugh. that's probably a bad thing
 me: no heart
  so cheesy
 Co-worker: oh, so this is LDS?
  "families are forever"
  dead giveaway
 me: dead give away
 Co-worker: I get it!
 me: and the temple shot
 Co-worker: the mom is going to build him a rainbow while she is in heaven
 me: what a thoughtful dead mom
 Co-worker: hopefully Jamie gets a double rainbow
 me: all the way across the sky
 Co-worker: (have you seen that youtube video)
 me: oh yes
  have you seen the remix
 Co-worker: been a while

 me its always been too long with that one
 and to think we wouldnt have this video if jamie's mom hadnt died


Stefani said...

I'll Build You a Rainbow! Ahahahaha!!!!! That is so AWESOME! Totally reminds me of Ricks College days! This is a VERY interesting conversation BTW. My friend from high school loved Desperado (TOTALLY sad song - she loved to just sit and cry... not so much my style)

Natalie said...

sooo funny

Lauren said...

sounds like some of the conversations I have at work!