Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Van Gogh would have done if he were a stamp collector ...




One day my roommate and I were looking around DI and we came upon a really great stamp collection. We bought it, no questions asked. What was the obvious step after that??? Make a Van Gogh. 
I have to give most of the credit to my roommate.  She was the master mind behind the whole thing.  We bought a large canvas and borrowed some Mod Podge from the neighbors.  We organized the stamps into: flags, fruits/flowers, pictorial, foreign, Christmas, and presidents.  We then just did a color by numbers.  
Flags with white background- sky
Flags with dark background-hill at the bottom
Foreign- swirl in the middle and the moon
Pictorial-peak in the middle
Fruits/Flowers- stars
Presidents-Streak through the middle
The Christmas ones didn't make the cut, but I did use them later.
While we were working on our project we watched Charade. It seemed like an appropriate film while working on stamps.  I have to admit about 3/4 of the way through this project (like 3 hours in) I never wanted to see another stamp again.  It took a few days before I could feel good about it hanging  in the apartment.  Now I love it!
 Attached to one of the stamps was part of a letter. We could only see a few words but we thought it was an appropriate signature for our work of art


Stefani said...

Yes! This is what he would do. And I love it!

Jonathon and Sarah said...

Wow! Melo, I LOVE this. I would definitely hang it in my house. In fact, if I could find me a good (cheap) stamp collection at DI, I would make one right now. Awesome.

Darrell said...

I love it. That is one of my fav paintings.