Saturday, February 26, 2011

Picture Frames

 This is a really fun and easy project.  All you need is a picture frame (use whatever old/dollar store frame cause you will just be covering the whole thing anyway), a colorful magazine or newspaper, and a hot glue gun.

  Begin by rolling the magazine/newspaper in small tubes.  My sister and I had a hard time getting the tubes to hold their shape so we ended up folding them.  After they were folded I just ran a little streak of glue down the back so it wouldn't come undone.

After that you just start gluing the strips onto the picture frame.  I started at the corner and 
worked out.  I tried to make sure the strips were varying lengths and colors.

This is another one we did for a baby girl shower.  Originally it was a basketball frame. 


Michelle Hayes said...

cute! I really like reading your blogs..

Martha said...

Those are so cute! I really like them!

Stefani said...

Man! I love the idea! I might make them for birthday gifts.